Monday, December 7, 2009

the wait

Yeah, so remember when I made that post about "the waiting game?" I'm in it again. After producing sparklies and throwing a few mini-tantrums, the partial has been sent. Now, it's just a matter of keeping my act together until I hear back from the agent. I have four ideas:

First, I can continue to make edits to the manuscript. I'm still waiting for most of the beta readers to get their act together and actually read the novel. So, I can certainly make corrections as they come and that way, perhaps the full manuscript will be ready when the request comes.

I don't want you to think that the novel isn't done. It's sooo done. In fact, it's so done that the sequel is done. That's how done it is. I just don't like the sequel, so I'm rewriting it. However, as I write, I continue to improve. So, logically, my writing can always get better and therefore, the manuscript can get better (even if it's done).

Second, I can try to fully hash out and complete my re-writes for the sequel. This has much appeal, but I'm brain-farting with what I want this conflict arc to be. It's tough when you have a major story arc that stretches over multiple books, yet each one has to have its own conflict arc. Sometimes, I wish this was simple epic fantasy. Things would be easier.

Third, I can work on another book entirely. This is also a very yummy concept. It is possible that the current novel will not get the love it deserves because it's part of a series. While I tried my best to make the novel have it's own conflict arc -- abstract as it may be -- there are still many unanswered questions and a cliff-hanger ending. I could work on one of my other book ideas and bang out a stand-alone. Then I can try and work on publishing that novel.

Fourth, I could just kick it and let what ever will happen happen. This includes catching up on my reading, listening to audio books, and having all sorts of fun. This doesn't tend to last for very long because I end up with a new story idea. I'll inevitably end up getting a new idea, writing half a book, and never finishing the dozen or so I've already got. But, this is a good idea if I don't want to blow out my candle -- so to speak.

So many possibilities, so little time. What would you do if you were me?

P.S. I really like Stars. They are an awesome band and you should listen to them!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

oh geez...

I have another partial request. I probably should have posted this marvelous piece of news when I got it nearly a week ago, but I've been busy with trying to make sparklies happen.

Yes, sparklies. If you're not Harry Potter, then you might realize how difficult it is to make sparklies occur. I am not Harry Potter. Nor am I in any way Hogwart's worthy. Therefore, this week has been like pulling a diamond out of a slug.

It wasn't that bad actually. I think my novel would be offended if I called it a slug. Heck, I'm offended by calling my novel a slug. Anyway, I have been working hard. In the last week I revised my story so many times that I'm actually confused, I have written a fairly strong synopsis, I've labored over an author bio, made up a title page, and polished a cover letter.

I've also plotted the downfall of numerous people who have either failed at beta reading in my time of need or have made me feel like a worm while I'm obviously a centipede. I've decided that I hate people who make you feel two inches tall more than I hate people who just can't keep a promise.

Now, the time has come. Tomorrow I will mail out my partial request and it will travel across the United States. When it hits Portland, I expect it to stop and make a visit. And hopefully the agent that I am interested in will love my partial and want more. Then I'll start the whole process again.

I've learned a lot this week, so even if this doesn't fly, it wasn't in vain. Please wish me luck!

In other exciting news: I'm getting a new laptop. This one will have both a webcam and a 12 cell battery. So, you can expect me to be working from Panera much more often and perhaps making a video.