Friday, May 13, 2022

Songs of the Deep Cover Reveal


Behold!  A forthcoming anthology that I am part of!  


Once long ago, women were believed to be bad luck if on ships. A belief that led to their demise at the hands of men.

Once thrown over, they drowned or, in some cases, saved by the God of the Sea. Granted a new life under the waves, these women could seek revenge and second chances. As times changed, any who found death under the waves could find themselves turned to life as a mermaid - or merman.   That is where Songs of the Deep begins. With death, magic, and revenge.  

Preorder link:

Genre: PNR and UF

Dive under the waves with 24 tales of mermaid magic.

Tides of Chaos by USA Today Bestselling Author D.C. Gomez

Tides of Time by USA Today Bestselling Author Lexi Ostrow 

A Rising Tide by USA Today Bestselling Author Nicole Zoltack

Weight of Water by USA Today Bestselling Author Elle Cross

Turning the Tide by USA Today Bestselling Heather Young-Nichols & USA Today Bestselling J.A. Hardt

Deep Sea Dream by USA Today Bestselling Author Thea Dane

Mermaid's Tail by Award-Winning Author Tami Lund

In too Deep by International Bestselling Author Nikki Prince

Ivory Cove by Jordan Elizabeth

Serena’s Song by Tiffany Shand

Cut the Line by A.L. Davroe

Siren Song by Melissa MacKinnon

A Dark Tail by Cara North

A Break in the Tide by Alessa Winters

Song of Storms by Casia Pickering

Kintsugi Unbroken by Marie Catherine

…And More!

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Upcoming Releases!

 Good morning!

I wanted to keep you abreast of all the comings and goings of my productivity this year!

1. I'm rolling a number of aforementioned and existing series titles into the Dark Covenant Universe.  The stories have always taken place in the same world (Dark Covenant), I just called them something different to make them more distinct.  However, I've decided it may be less confusing for readers to follow the various storylines if they're all part of the same series title with some qualifiers at the end.  At this time, the Dark Covenant Universe books will all say "Dark Covenant" and then the distinctive storylines will follow that title: IE Dark Covenant Retellings, Dark Covenant Protectorship, Dark Covenant Waymaker, etc.

2. I will have a limited release in the new Literary Love Savannah "Stacks" anthology.  If you are not attending, it will be released after the event as an ebook download.  This will be a short story taking place in my Dark Covenant Universe and will be a lynch-pin piece.

3. I'm working with a cover artist to do a new cover for FOR YOUR HEART.  I'm also re-editing and making some adjustments to the book so it will be a new edition with some changes to align more with the world it's part of and the changing times.

4. Besides the LLS anthologies, I'm participating in two more anthologies in 2023 and 3 in 2024.  The 2023 Songs of the Deep Anthology - which is all about mermaids - seems to be the one we're putting the most effort into so there will be a cover reveal and all sorts of release goodies, so stay tuned for that.  I'll also be independently releasing that story once the anthology has run its course.  I've already got the cover for it!

5.  After sitting on a number of finished novels for a couple of years, I'm just gonna release them.  So, get ready for some Dark Covenant novels in the near future!  Dark Entry Guard and Scar-Crossed are in the works!

6.  I have not forgotten Tales of Turin.  The final story is in the works, it just got back burnered because I wanted to make sure I got all my anthology requirements out of the way before I worked on it.  I'm hoping to have it out by 2023.  If you haven't yet, make sure you check out all three tales which are available via print, ebook, and audiobook.  Once everyone is released there will be an omnibus version you can purchase.

7.  I haven't forgotten about City Steam either, I'm just tweaking some shorts for that world to make them more appropriate for where I want the series to go.  Once these are done I'm planning on releasing an omnibus collection.  I do have a novel I've been writing (for like, ever) in this world.  My plan is to try and shop this novel around to NY when it's done as I feel it will do well in the market.

8.  People have been asking about the Tricksters series.  At this time, there are no plans for more novels in this series.  The contract for this series was for two books and the publisher has not indicated wanting more at this time.  Maybe one day, but right now my focus isn't on this world and I'm not sure when it will be again.  I am planning more sci-fi and post-apocalyptic for you in the future but it's gonna be a little wait.

9.  People are also asking about more "They" books.  Ya'll just love how horrific my mind can get, you gluttons.  There is one I'm working on, but obviously I do like 12 things all at one time and it takes forever to finish anything - especially horror because it takes a special kind of mindset to go here.  The Murder of Juniper Hayes is coming, I swear it, it's just a little more high concept and complicated.  I even have the cover for it already... You'll also get Strands of Souls at some point too - these are both plotted and somewhere in the works.

10.  Finally, I've been playing in a witchy sandbox and I've got most of a new witch book written for you.  I'm not sure about the timeline on that but it's there and also folds into the Dark Covenant Universe.