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A.L. (Amanda) writes both YA and adult cross-genre fiction.
She lives in Connecticut with her two feline hench-creatures and has had such colorful careers as a meta-data specialist, barista, cheese-maker, a food safety specialist, and a government inspector.

Amanda's work ranges from teen to adult and spans across multiple genres including Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, and Romance.  Her work has been published in various outlets including self, traditional, and small press.  Much of her work can be considered cross-genre and sometimes ranges into speculative.  She likes redemption stories, alternative histories, retellings, generally pushing comfort zones, and reexamining perspective.

Her educational background includes vocational schooling as a vet tech; undergraduate degrees in English and Anthropology with minors in Women's Studies, Religion, and African Studies; Master's work in Mental Health Counseling; and extensive certifications and FDA training in food safety, codes, and regulations.

She lives an alternative lifestyle, is an Ally, an environmentalist, and is an advocate for progressive systemic and social reform toward egalitarianism.  She encourages personal responsibility, self improvement, and collectively working toward a better world.  Amanda believes that we're all living the human experience and can work together to understand and amend our grievances.  Overall, she is driven by curiosity, empathy, logic, and systemic understanding.

She's an INFJ, a Capricorn, a Hufflepuff, a bit gothic, and a few nuggets short of a Happy Meal.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, cosplay, dancing, tea with friends, con hopping, genealogy, fairs.

Interests: The paranormal, science and technology, Victoriana, anime, faeries, nature, music, art, animals, religious studies, renaissance fairs, mythology, architecture, statuary, fire-dancers, anthropology, alternative healing, mental health and psychology, skincare, perfume, other cultures, gender and sexuality, sociology, history, astronomy, astrology

What she's nomming: Tea and more tea. Sushi, broccoli, cookies, scones

On the TV: Science fiction, paranormal, and fantasy.  Disney.  Irreverent comedy like Bigmouth and Rick and Morty. much anime.  Anything by Miyazaki, Burton, or Del Toro.  Action, adventure.  Hates chick flicks, sitcoms, and dramatic reality tv.

Favorite traits in other people: Loyalty, reliability, selflessness.

The Bookshelf: Genre anything.  Depends what she's feeling.  Favorite authors are Neil Gaiman and Brom.

Favorite Words: Harlequin, Masquerade, Chime.

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