Monday, May 30, 2011

The Long and Short of It.

1.  I've decided I enjoy Eliza Rickman.  I think you should enjoy Eliza Rickman as well. Go help Eliza be more awesome than she already is.
2.  If I have to contribute anything else to the Archive's new Wiki, I'm going to be ill.  Luckily, I think I'm done.
3.  If I have the train one more new employee at Panera I'm going to go all homicidal barista on the sandwich line.
4.  I still love Odd Thomas.  But if he doesn't get over Stormy Llewellyn soon, I'm going to leave him for Alex Pettyfer.
5.  Short stories are the bane of my existence.  Well, at least short stories that aren't all romanced up.  For once, I'd like to write something without a little romance.  I'd also like to write something that's short. 
6.  It's raining again.  I don't have a problem with it because rain inevitably brings mist and we all know I love mist.  I've decided that in 5 years, Connecticut will have completely reverted back to swamp land.  Thus, I must brush up on my banjo playing.
7.  I went hiking/picnicing yesterday and I still feel like I've got creepy crawlies all over me.  I am also sunburned, but it's not bad, it doesn't hurt, and I'll have a bit of a tan in two days, so score.
8.  I revised Salvation Station and I might be done with The Krie Seekers this afternoon, but I have no clue what to do with either.  Ah genre defying literature, what shall I do with you?  More importantly, what will the rest of the world do with you?  Go forth and challenge!
9.  I still haven't gotten my MS back from my agent (basically that means, no I'm not published yet and yes I'm still having a problem with patience).
10.  The next novel in The Black Dagger Brotherhood is sitting next to me.  The next Odd Thomas book is on my iPod.  And I have half the day off, but I'm working.  Give me a cookie people!
11.  I have over three hundred followers on Twitter.  I have a fan page on  Facebook.  I am researching possible web hosts for my website.  Now if only I had a reason to be famous!
12.  I just got a travel rewards credit card!  I expect it will come in handy when I'm on tour, ya know when that famous thing happens.
13.  I still have cuddly kitties with razor sharp claws; a husband that understands my literary crushes; my one and only most wonderful parent (which truly is a blessing); my fickle health (I think I'm a hypochondriac);  my jobs that make me both sick and homicidal; and predictably unreliable friends (is it strange that I've come to just accept that?). 

That's life!

Friday, May 20, 2011


So, if I were to ever go mad...or walk through a looking glass...or fall down a white rabbit's hole...

And I ended up wanting to dine with a mad hatter a march hare and a door mouse...

I'd want it to be here:

L'art de vivre by unkreatives on DeviantArt.  This artist makes to craziest surreal pieces.  I want to walk into one and meet the ghost of Jacob Marley...or maybe live forever with Odd Thomas :)  Go follow peeps!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


In honor of my fast approaching trip to Steampunk World's Fair and my absinthe tasting on Friday:

I honor the Absinthe Fairy by Deviantart's LucasGraciano!  Lets talk about skills people.  This person is a marvelous painter and I'd give my right wing-nut to have one of my fantasy covers done by him (I assume Lucas is a him).  You should all deviantwatch this talented man!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ODD Complex

This week I read Odd Thomas and Forever Odd by Dean Koontz.

Yes, I love Odd Thomas.  In case you don't know who Odd Thomas is, he's a guy who sees dead people and solves crime.  What's not to love?

First of all, he was created by Dean Koontz.  (Who I may or may not have an author crush on.  I'll admit nothing to you!)  Second of all, he hangs out with Elvis (the dead one).  Third of all, as of book two he's still single.  (Although, I do truly hope he gets over Stormy cause if he doesn't he's just going to start getting pathetic and intolerable.)  Finally, he's simple.  (So simple it's cute and wonderful.  Sort of reminds me of my husband *grins*.)

And yes, I have a crush on a fictional character.  And yes I'm married.  And it's all good because it's not really a true crush.  I just have some emotional stock in what happens to the Odd One.  (I'll just keep telling myself that.)  I find that at least three points less creepy than having a crush on an anime character.  (Because at least he was created with real human features in mind.)

Also, Mr Dean Koontz?  Congratulations, you've officially created the most annoying villain I've ever read.  Datura was so horrible that I very nearly gave up reading the book.  (I'm glad I didn't cause she gets mauled by a mountain lion.)  You have mastery over what rankles the human mind.

In other news:  I'm working on the steampunk novel, investigating the benefits of writing erotica, and going to the Steampunk World's Fair this weekend.  TA!

Special thanks to the parenthesis.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Love

I've decided I truly enjoy getting all gussied up and having my picture taken by people who know what they are doing.  Is that narcissistic?

Had a Steampunk photoshoot with Stella, P.J., and Brandy yesterday.  It went quite well and I can't wait until PJ processes the pictures so that I can show you!  Until then, here's a teaser!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Life Lessons.

Based on recent occurrences over the past few week I've make a list of some things I wish I had learned earlier on in life.

 1.  Be careful about who you show your self-critical side to.  Not everyone understands self-deprecating humor and often confuse low self esteem with a statement meant to reassure yourself that no one is perfect.  (Did it ever occur to anyone that people use self-deprecating humor to keep themselves from looking pompous and self-involved?)

2.  Admit when you're wrong, never say that you're right.  Apparently, no one cares that THEY are wrong, only that you are.

3.  Being passive aggressive to the point of mule-headed stubbornness is not productive.  (Although, we can argue that it's damn satisfying.)

4.  You can't communicate concerns without someone thinking you're asking for help.  Wave the white flag, sister, no one is ever going to understand that you just like to think out loud.

5.  You should take your time, but have it done yesterday.  Therefore, we must invest in wormhole technology.

6.  Learn how to be as concise as possible, but don't use uncommon words.  It dictionaries scare the little people.

7.  It's possible to be smarter than someone with a PhD.

8.  Word Count is the bane of my existence.

9.  Wit is a sign of intelligence, but only the witty seem to realize that.

10.  I'm freaking weird, no one understands me, and I like it that way. (See? I love myself, get over it. -see item #1-)