Sunday, January 24, 2010

Double Timing It.

Sorry I've sucked at posting lately. It's worth the baited breath, promise! Wait for it, wait for it, ready? If you're staring at the image and thinking I'm going to tell you I'm preggers, get over it! I finished another book! (Which is my mental equivalent to birthing a child. Trust me it's a slow painful process and yes, you can get fat from it).

Introducing Scar-Crossed, my new young adult paranormal romance! Officially stand alone quality. Officially not a tome. Officially dark and romantic. Officially another book with a drool worthy love interest. Officially going to be heck and half to sell to an agent cause the market for paranormal romance isn't exactly starving for fairy angst, but it's a bit more marketable than TWLID. So, I'm excited.

The first two betas currently have it and then it's off to at least six more. This time I'm being more careful with who I send it to, so hopefully I'll get faster and better feedback than with TWLID.

On another exciting note: I went to Arisia this past weekend and it rocked. I watched a number of panels on folklore and fairy tales, oh, and gender and female protags. I wanted to get on some of those panels and make connections to my book! (That's a good thing) It means that I'm really starting to come into myself as a novelist. I was a little surprised that many of the novelists on these panels didn't talk about their own writing when they obviously could have. I mean, come on, promote yourself people!

I got to go to a book-launch party for Danielle Ackley-McPhail's new novel The Halfling's Court. It sounds like a very exciting novel and I'll be purchasing it when I go to Lunacon this year. You should get it too, just 'cause Danielle is awesome. I also met a photographer/UF novelist and a historical reenactment guy...who gave me an intensive lesson on the use of the highland hand-and-a-half sword. (Exciting because now I can write believable sword-play scenes in the Blood Heritage Series). To cap off my vacation, I got caught in a snowstorm on the way home! BUT, I mapped out the plot to the sequel to Scar-Crossed and I wrote the first chapter this past Monday.

I'll be writing more, but I have to finish all the library books that I took out. I think I've read eight since since my last post? Maybe more? I'm trying to study my genre, so it's all about the YA paranormal/urban fantasy novels these days. I'm not even going to bother critiquing them because I've gone through so many. Just pray no one takes my idea before I can pitch the novel.