Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'm still enjoying my break. Not a break from writing entirely, I just HAVE to write. It's like my breakfast...I can't make it through the day without at least a little something to tide me over. So yeah...I started something new. DON'T JUDGE ME! Anyway, yesterday was my day off from the archive. I returned the books that I had from the library...more paranormal urban fantasy. I couldn't get into either. I spent more than an hour at the library...I just couldn't find anything that interested me. Finally I found a little something. A book of short stories that are all Fai themed and a good ol' high fantasy novel. I started with the Fai book and read a couple of the short stories...then I got some inspiration for a new story and had to sit down and write.

I did get some productive work dealing with The Will of Night Rain done. I read three chapters in my novel writing book...a bunch of stuff about character development...which I could probably use. I've been getting the general vibe from the readership that Amaya is everyone's least relatable character. Basically, no one really cares all that much about her...I can't tell if that's good or bad. Part of her character is that she is supposed to be like that, but at the same time, she is the main character. Everyone is really interested in the auxiliary characters. Silver Rings, Jeremy, and the Holy Children especially. I'm not sure if the auxiliary characters are capable of being the interest point in a novel. Although, the auxiliary characters do come to the forefront in the sequel.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Can't beat the heat.

It's too hot to think of even trying to do any sort of work. I can handle the heat until my husband comes in and starts complaining about how hot it is. Then I notice the heat. Or I wander into the basement to do the laundry and get hit with a wave of heat on my way up the stairs. I notice it then, too.

Besides the heat, I have some exciting news. The critic has accepted the task of doing a full-body mark up of my manuscript. I gave her the whole manuscript and a large package of red pens on Friday night. I know she's at least a little into the editing process because she texted me with paranoid angst yesterday. I'm excited too because I think I've managed to inspire her to start writing her novel once more. We had a lot of fun on Friday just talking about our writing and our characters. Oh, and if you haven't had a London Fog from Starbucks yet, I highly recommend it. I've also been notified by another of my readers that he will now have more time to dedicate to the book.

I'm feeling a little more at ease. Now that I am no longer pressing myself to finish by CAPAU I'm not as paranoid about breathing down the readership's back. There are simply too many people who need to give me the feedback I need for me to give myself a deadline like that. Besides, you can't rush perfection. ;P School will be out soon, so hopefully more of my readers will have time to sit down and give me a couple days of their time and attention.

As for CAPAU...the agent that I'm 'supposedly' being assigned to pitch to is also an agent who is fairly willing to critique query letters. So, I think instead of pitching her, I'm going to ask her to please edit my query letter. I don't know if that is a complete faux-pas, but I have read that agents tend to appreciate a break when they have pitch sessions.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I might be a little superstitious. I've been seeing 44 a WHOLE LOT lately. It seems everywhere I look and everything I pick up has a 44 on it. I look at the clock it's 44 minutes after the hour. I pick up a pager at work, it's 44. I keep having to do stuff dealing with Barack Obama (he's the 44th president). ETC. I could just be loopy, but heh, I'm game for a little voodoo.

After seeing so much 44, I decided to look it up.

According to numerology: 4 resonates with paying attention to detail and building a solid foundation for the future. 44 doubles that effect. Plus, 4 and 4 make 8 which represents effective management and building large structures, and financial control.

What does that mean for me? Well, I am trying to meticulously edit my book and build a solid piece of literature. Plus, I'm building something that will (with a crud load of hard work) create a solid foundation for me to make a livelihood and a name for myself(enter 8).

44 is also, apparently, a happy number. It all comes back to one. I'm all about happy and about being one...hopefully, the one.

Finally, 4 is also the key with the money sign on my keyboard. Which means $$ for me.

I'm also going to, on a whim, buy a lottery ticket this afternoon. I might as well give it a try, right? Wish me luck.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fantasy Film

I don't have too much to post today. I was kind of silly and did an update on my fantasy line-up of actors for my book (when it becomes a major motion picture). It's always fun to try and find real people who match up with your physical ideas of fantasy people. I can't find anyone who looks exactly like the characters do in my head...especially Jeremy. He's one of those imaginary hot men that don't exist in real life apparently, but I've found a couple viable contenders. Amaya is a different story entirely. Who the heck looks anything like Amaya? No one, that's who. There is a singer song writer that sort of gave me the inspiration for her, but still not quite what I'm looking for. There are some other characters that are spot on for casting.

What do you think? If you could cast the characters, who would you pick?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting stuck in holes slows down the pace.

Today was one of those bitter-sweet days. I chose to take today off so that I could work on editing Book 2. I was able to meet up with Reader #1 and secured her edits to Book 2, so I was pretty darn excited about making all those edits. It was kind of funny because I had this big long talk with her about how I felt like everyone was just being too nice and something had to be wrong. She said: "You've always been your worst critic, don't worry about it."

Well, I think I discovered today that I am not my worst critic. My worst critic put me in a half fit of tears this morning when I received her Fifty Page Dash. I have to put a disclaimer on this and say that I am in no way upset at her for her opinion. She was incredibly nervous that she'd end up hurting my feelings with what she said and I was like "please beat the crap out of me, I need it". I'll admit that while I was very upset for about four hours after reading what she had to say, I got over it. I realized that she is right on a lot of points. I knew there was something wrong and I couldn't quite put my finger on it...I'm fairly certain she managed to grasp what it was that I could not.

Her main point is that I'm a young writer and it shows. I basically gave her a 'no duh' at first. Then I thought some more and decided that there is a difference between someone who is obviously green and someone who is new and knows how to hide it really well. I'd like to be the latter. While I know that, whether your writing is good or not, a good story can get you onto the Bestseller list I'd like to be one of those writers that people also say "this was a well written book." I understand that this is my first book and it takes a number of attempts (or a genius)
to gain that kind of sentiment, but I'd at least, like to avoid landing in the 'her writing sucks' category.

So, with a heavy heart, I humbly submit myself to the chopping block. I asked her to do a physical mark-up of the whole book. Partly because I didn't feel like she gave me the kind of feedback I needed for what she was critiquing me on. It was kind of one of those "you suck in so many ways, but I'm not going to show you where you suck or what you could do to improve your suckiness." If you just say to me: "Your comma usage is off"...that doesn't really teach me to use commas properly or even see where I'm making mistakes. So, I'm hoping that she will see where I'm coming from and agree to this. While I'm terrified of what she's going to say, I'm also very excited to make positive changes to my novel and give it the overhaul that it needs. And please know that I love you my harsh critic!

For the number of you who really like the story, I'd really appreciate some feedback on what in particular about the writing you do like. I don't want to take something out if a majority of you really like it, but if you all agree that there is a part that could use a major overhaul, then it's getting a face lift.

On a happier note, I managed to get over my morning melancholy and make the edits to Book 2. Book 1 and Book 2 have now been compiled into one PDF...officially unifying The Will of Night Rain. I even stared going back through Book 1 and making some of the broader changes that my critic had mentioned. I'm beginning to realize that I may not be finished by the end of the month. Some of my readers have officially fallen off the face of the earth while others are already on Book 2 after only having the manuscript for Book 1 for a week. So, I'm resolving myself to giving the book the time that it needs to improve. I want to get everyone's feedback and maybe introduce a few more readers a couple more edits down the road.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Fat Head

I've officially received feedback from roughly half of my Readership. Five out of ten ain't too bad. So far I've gotten thumbs up from readers and some very flattering comments that are frankly, giving me a fat head and making me mooshy inside. I'm going to continue to diligently re-proof Book 1 and hopefully it will be re-proofed by the time Reader 1 gets back from Myrtle Beach. I'm going to meet up with her on Sunday and she's going to give me the smack down on Book 2. I genuinely love getting all this feedback from my readers! Every time I get a suggestion to make my book better it just makes me so much happier. I want so much for this book to not just get published, but be GOOD. With each new edit I feel more and more like it's just polishing my book, chapter by chapter. Thanks to the readers and thanks to caffeine!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Additions

Officially, there are two more readers. I'm excited about these two because 1. they are going to be great critics and 2. they're two of my very best friends and it's always fun to share with your friends.

I'm making headway on my proofing, I got a couple more chapters done yesterday. And...I got my first Fifty Page Dash Readership Questionnaire back! It was incredibly helpful and I give myself a big 'ol pat on the back for coming up with it. Big thanks to Reader #3 for taking care of it so soon and doing such a bang up job of thoroughly answering the questions.

Readers #1 and #2 are exempt from the Questionnaire because they actually printed out hard copies of the entire novel and gave them back with corrections and comments. I could still use feedback from Readers #4-#8 (if you have a Questionnaire and have not sent it back yet, you are among those numbers), so whenever you ladies and gentlemen finish your comments are greatly valued as well. Big hearts to all of your for your patience and willingness to help me out with this.

Hope you all have a peachy-keep afternoon, I'm going to get adjusted!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hunkering Down

I actually looked at the calendar yesterday, and it scared me. CAPAU is less than a month away. If I want to get my query letters out to my dream agents before I go to CAPAU then I have about three weeks to polish the crud out of The Will of Night Rain. In addition to the Fifty Page Dash Readership Questionnaire, I've decided that I am also going to go back through the book and do yet another round of editing.

It's been a couple weeks since my last round and I have fresh eyes. Plus, with all the errors LaTex is tossing into the PDF, I'm sure I can find some errors to fix. I've gotten through about forty pages since yesterday and I've already corrected about thirty type-os or little things I think could sound better. I'm kind of proud of the fact that I'm finding all of these things, that way the story will be the best it can be. I also did a little more research on different agents. I've added about four to the wishlist.

For the time being, I'm looking for bigger, well established firms with a good client base, lots of connections and plenty of professionalism and skill working with all sorts of rights. If I get my wish and become a New York Times Bestseller, then I will need an agent who can handle that and I might as well do it right the first time. My book is also a little more controversial than some others, so I'm thinking a weightier agency might sell it better. But, who knows, maybe the little agents will be willing to take more risks, we'll see... I'm also going for agents who are only looking for a query letter at first. I had enough trouble as it was writing the query letter and I'll probably die of subluxations if I attempt a synopsis for such a complicated story. My issue is that I just think all the characters and story lines are so important that I can never boil it down to just a few lines. :)

So, happy times. All I can do is cross my fingers that at least two other readers finish the book in the next three weeks (which is a very do-able miracle, folks) so I can at least get some feed back before sending the book out. If not, at least I will have gone through and edited my little heart out.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fifty Page Dash Readership Questionnaire!

I'm a genius. Well, maybe more of a mad English major gone political scientist... Anyway, I figured out a way to stop sacrificing my fingernails to the incisor gods! Now that I'm done with the book, I'm bored out of my skull. Now that I'm done with the book, I'm antsy as all heck and anxiously breathing down the necks of my readership. Because of these terrible plagues on the House of Davroe, I've created a monster! mwahaha...*cough, cough*

In all honesty, the first fifty pages have to be the super sparkly-ooo shiny aspect of any book. They are what makes or breaks a readership and what keeps the agent or publisher reading further. In one of my novel writing books some genius person coined the phenomenon "The Fifty Page Dash". I don't remember that person's name, but it's not my material. So, with this in mind I developed my Fifty Page Dash Readership Questionnaire. This will allow me to delve a little deeper into the frightening minds of my readers and see what they really think of those first fifty pages. Plus, if they actually respond, it will give me something to do while I'm waiting...*sigh*

Monday, April 13, 2009

Big Mistake

Okay, so I have to both confess and apologize for sending out a completely messed up copy of my book. I came to the untimely realization yesterday that my LaTex program didn't convert my copy of That Which Lies in Darkness properly. Because of this, Amaya's last name didn't translate correctly, neither did the italics or the apostrophes. So, anyone who is reading that messed up copy is probably like WTF!? I did spend a good chunk of yesterday fixing it and I did email the corrected copy back out to my readers. I'm sorry for the hassle guys.

On a more exciting note: since I realized that Book 1 translated badly, my conversion of Book 2, As Above, So Below, went much more smoothly. Now the entirety of The Will of Night Rain has been plugged into LaTex and converted. I still don't know what to do with that chapter about Amaya...one reader dislikes it and another likes it. I'll be learning a little more about what the second reader thinks of everything when I meet up with her next weekend.

Until then, I hope everyone else enjoys the new translation of That Which Lies in Darkness and asks for As Above, So Below soon!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Response.

I have mixed feelings. I finally got my first reader feedback for the entirety of The Will of Night Rain. The final verdict is that it's really good *phew*. The ending didn't disappoint, which was what I was afraid of all along and the only weak spots he pointed out were spots that I knew needed more work anyway. I was able to get better feedback in some areas than others. The biggest issue is a chapter where my heroine makes a story altering decision while in a meditative state. He doesn't like the set up at all, but couldn't really tell me what could have been done better. I'm hoping that more readers will be able to help me out with this chapter because frankly, I'm stuck. I have another reader who should be finished today and can hopefully offer some more incite for that section.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I forgot!

Oh, I forgot. I'm on twitter now too. Yeah, don't judge me. ALDavroe is my username.

The root of all evil.

I went to the chiropractor yesterday in the hopes that I could get an adjustment that I really should have received on Sunday when I had the migraine. Anyway, she goes to adjust me and slides right off my back...even with a half hour of stim. Gotta love those tight muscles. So, she does some more poking around and decides that the root of all my evils, including (most likely) my migraines, is severe muscle tension (A.K.A. boulders) and I need massage therapy <3.

I have to tell you, and this is only mildly funny, that I completely forgot you have to take your clothes off when you get a massage. That's only truly funny when you realize that actually I spent a considerable amount of time this morning trying to figure out what I should wear to my massage. That and I took a shower. Who takes a shower when they are going to have smelly oil smeared all over them in an hour? Me. And I went to work after it.

I've gotten my adjustment and I've gotten my massage and I'm feeling pretty good. The trick is to keep myself from stressing out again! Ha! So I'm rearranging my desk at work and I'm contemplating laying off the sexual tension in my writing for a while. I hope that helps. I'm going to be working on revisions of Book 2 tonight and probably hating it all over again.

Monday, April 6, 2009

They're out to get me.

You ever have one of those days, or weeks, or months...maybe even years where you feel like everything is out to get you and you just can't get ahead? Sometimes I'm convinced it's genetic. Of course my issues are not anywhere near as horrible as many other people's. I'm just complaining about my health. My sinus infection and bronchitis were just starting to clear up (my ears are still feeling kind of funny) and wouldn't you know I got a migraine yesterday.

Migraines are strange things, different for everybody. In my case I get the warning blurry vision about 30 minutes before the detached limbs. Then comes the dizziness, the pins and needles and the numbness. All of this is enough to distort me so badly that I feel like I've overdosed on some sort of drug. Then I get violently sick to my stomach (that's really fun with bronchitis, let me tell you)...

The headache comes last. And that feels like...ever driven an ice pick into your ear, your temple, and the spot between your skull and your last cervical vertebrae? All at the same time? Something like that, but there is pressure on the other side too...like knives being driven in both directions at once.

I'm dreading the day one of these babies hits me when I'm driving. A lot of fun I'll have trying to explain to the officer why I'm stumbling around on the side of the road when I can't see strait or even talk because my mouth has gone so numb. The best part about these migraines is that you can't take anything to make them go away because you just keep throwing it up, so it's just hours and hours of wishing a knife actually was being driven into your ear.

And then you wake up the next day and nothing seems any different than any other day, except maybe a little residual queasiness. At least in my case. I know some people who have them for days. They are the strangest things and you should count yourself lucky if you never get them.

In light of my umteenth experience with migraines, I've decided. People who get migraines are fascinating subjects for books. The next character I create is going to be someone who suffers chronic migraines. I think it would be an interesting concept, especially when you put them in a fantasy setting. Perhaps they will get expelled from their village for being possessed by demons or maybe they have visions during their migraines.

On another, happier note: I got some work done before the migraine! I managed to add all three of the hierarchies to LaTex! In case you were wondering, that's the program that makes my book all professional looking when I send it to you in PDF. Now I don't have to keep sending the hierarchies as additional attachments. I also got my first critique on Book 2. I knew that particular part needed some revamping, but I just don't know how to do it. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


So, I've just spent a good chunk of the last 24 hours making a website for myself. I haven't gotten the domain name or the web host yet, but when I do I will have a website ready to go.

Needless to say I'm pretty darn proud of myself because I have like "0" tech knowledge. Granted, Lucas helped with with a lot of it and it was a pre-made template that I just tweeked to high heck. The bottom line is that I learned a lot about how html and css is set up and I probably wont get as lost the next time I have to make a website. The only additions that need to be made are pictures of myself. I can't have a site about me without any me pictures and of course the only recent pictures I have are from my wedding. So, I need to have some pictures taken I guess. I expect that within the next few weeks I should be getting the domain name and the web host; then you'll be able to visit my official site!

In other news, I've heard a little feedback from my lovable readers. No one is finished yet, but so far I'm getting good reviews. That makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! Thanks for all your support!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

yeah, that didn't work

Note to self: don't cut and paste from word


I really should be doing work, but of course I’m not.Instead I’m being anxious. The novel is in the 97th percentile of being done. There are a number of people with Book 1 in their possession and I can’t help but bite my nails with anticipation at what they will say. Those who have read Book 1 seem to have enjoyed it, yet I dread sending out Book 2. My mind races with questions and doubts.

I realize that I’m at that point where I’m over analyzing and second guessing far too much for my own good, but I can’t help it. I have the book.It’s done to the point where I am satisfied.I have the query letter. I have the agency of my dreams in my sights.I’m slowly building a readership.

All this stuff, it’s just making me want to champ down on the bit and drive it home. But I know I have to wait and be patient. Rule #1:Don’t jump the gun. If I’m satisfied, that’s not enough. I need feedback so that I can polish my novel until it glows. Then I can send it. If I go at it too soon, I’ll burn my bridges. But its hard having to wait!

With that in mind, if anyone in my trusted circle is a rapid reader, has half a brain in their head, and isn’t afraid to brave my bad temper in light of constructive criticism; please volunteer to read! I would like to start suggested revisions within the next week. I’d like to get the query out to the agents before CAPAU which is in one month.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One step closer

Well, I sent my CAPA-U registration out the other day. That would be a conference that is being put on by the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association...you might know them as the people who run the Connecticut writers booth at the Big-E. I'm pretty excited about it. I get to go to three workshops and I get a ten minute pitch session with an agent.

Of course, I got an email from them today telling me that my first choice is no longer attending :(, but I'm hoping that someone else will be interested in my genre (there was a lack of agents interested in fantasy/sci-fi to begin with). For this pitch session, we have to send our query letters in early so that the agents can read them ahead of time. This leaves me wondering how I'm going to be pitching my novel when the time comes, but that's a hurdle to clear at a later date.

I tied up some loose ends in the novel (which I'm officially calling The Will of Night Rain) and sent it to my nearest and dearest editor-good 'ol mom. Hopefully she'll get through it soon because I might get carried away with my next project.

Yes, I started another one. I was bored at work. Don't judge me.

Anyway, this next one is hopefully going to be a stand alone sci-fi. If I feel happy enough with it, I might post a couple chapters up for people to have a look at. Two out of two readers seem interested in it so far, so I have high hopes!