Sunday, June 7, 2009

Economic bust

I FINALLY finished putting in the edits for Book 1. I mean, I still have to do a smooth read-through, but the heavy-duty junk is DONE. Of course, I still feel a little shaky about the whole thing. I just read a blog from an agent that I really respect. He was basically like: the economy sucks, and if you're not perfect in every possible way, there is no hope for getting published.

I'm honestly terrified of submitting my work. Why? It's a one shot kind of thing. I can submit my work once and get rejected once, after that it's over and I have to pitch a new book or overhaul a query I've been working on for months so that it looks like I'm not pitching the same book.

That translates to the economy possibly having a big effect on whether or not my book (which I'd like to believe would get accepted in a booming economy) may not get the love I wish it would.

The sad part is the turn over. It takes about a year or more-start to finish-for a book to get published after it is submitted. Which means if I get accepted tomorrow, I wont have books on the shelves until fall.

According to economists, things should be looking a lot happier for the economy by that time next year. Which means that my book could potentially do really well because the economy will supposedly be doing well.

Of course, a publisher is thinking about the here and now. The economy is suck NOW, therefore we will only buy the sure-wins NOW, even though they will be released when the economy will be in unsuck.

Another thing that confuses me is why book sales are falling. Let's think about this. People claim that in economic hard times, people turn toward outlets that get their minds off of things. Which means people should be buying fantasy novels.

Also, in an economic pinch, a book (roughly 8-9 bucks) will offer you more bang for your buck than a movie or going out to dinner. Think about it: hours of entertainment and you don't even have to get out of bed to enjoy it. And it's mentally enriching. It's the next best thing since sex! Or maybe even better than sex, if you're into the Romance genre.

SIGH. I'm done complaining. I'm going to start doing my read-through and wait for my editor to finish Book 2. Please so buy some books people, your brains will thank you for it! Wish me luck in this crap economy.

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