Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weekend Wonderful

There are two more days until Lunacon. Just two more days! I just took a look at the schedule of panels and I really like how they are laid out this year! Not only are the panel descriptions on the grid itself, but the times are in military standard AND there are theme topics for each panel. It's a lot easier to find things I'm interested in when the topic says "writing" or "literature." Way to go whoever came up with the new grid!

There will be a number of panels on YA literature this year. You can guess that makes me super excited. There aren't normally many panels on YA at the conventions I go to, so this just goes to show you how much of a presence YA currently has on the market.

Also, a number of authors that I'm pretty sure will recognize me from frequenting their panels will be there, so I'm going to pull some of them aside and ask them some secret recipe questions.

I'm hoping that, like with Arisia, this convention gives me a right proper kick in the butt. Hopefully I'll finish something soon!

One sad aspect of this convention is that there aren't many panels on Steampunk, which is surprising considering how prevalent Steampunk currently is. Oh well, I'm going to the Steampunk World's Fair in May, so I guess I'll just have to get my fill then. Speaking of, I'm working on my costumes and HELLO, I never knew eBay was so wonderfully addictive! Will hopefully be posting pictures soon!

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