Thursday, July 18, 2013

FOR YOUR HEART -- Sneaky Peek #1

This is the first sneak peek (teaser) from my new YA novel FOR YOUR HEART.  If you like what you read, please make sure to go check it out here and don't forget to share it with your friends!
-Amanda (A.L. Davroe)

            He bites his lip.  “I would like to allow you that boon, Lovely, I would.  But I can’t wait that long.  I’m sorry.  You've got exactly one year.”  He stands, his expression determined and resolute.  “Until then, you will care for that heart like it is diamond encrusted and I shall make sure of it.”
            I stare at him, unmoving as he goes toward my bed, divests himself of his weapons, and stretches across the side I never sleep on.  He pluffs up my sushi pillow, shifts into a comfortable position, and settles his gaze on me.
            It takes a minute to compute what’s happening and then I push myself up on shaking arms.  “No,” I insist with a shake of my head.  “You are not staying here.”
            “I can't go back to Roxel, she'll want to know about the rose.”
            “Go pawn yourself off on some other chick.  You don't seem to have any problems with that.”
            Tamrin looks around the room.  “No, I like it here.  I'm staying.”
            I feel my jaw drop.  “You can't stay here,” I insist.  “You can't freeload off of my dreams and then steal my heart!”
            He cocks his head, regarding me with thoughtful eyes.  “I can pay, if you like.  I promise you'll be pleased.”  The tone of his voice is far too suggestive.
            I blink, then blush crimson.  “What?  No!”  My voice is too high pitched, scandalized as I am.  “I'm not,” I struggle for words, “I'm not that kind of girl.  I don't do stuff like that.  I'm Catholic.  You know, virgin until marriage.”
            Tamrin frowns and then shrugs.  “Suit yourself.  But, I'm not leaving.”

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