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I'm sorry if you've already seen this in like a million places, but I'M JUST SO EXCITED!!!!!!

March 13, 2014 - NEXIS by A.L. Davroe
Children's: Young Adult
A.L. Davroe's NEXIS, about a teenager living among genetically engineered Aristocrats who loses her legs and discovers she can walk in a virtual-reality game called Nexis, and must accept help from her android companion before the virtual world seeps into reality and the consequences become deadly, to Liz Pelletier at Entangled Teen, in a nice deal, by Louise Fury at The Bent Agency (World).

This book is, by far, my absolute favorite that I've written so far. I'm beyond ecstatic that I finally get to share it with you! I've already got the Goodreads page up, so if you want to add it, please do! (I know there's no description yet, I'm waiting for my new publishing company to provide that for you guys. But, here's a general idea of what I wrote for the summary when I pitched it to my agent:

The year is 231.  The world as we know it has been destroyed in the Bio-Nuclear War.  The survivors have been divided into the Aristocrats who live in the domed cities and the Disfavored who live in the Wastelands beyond the cities.  Ellani (Ella) Drexel is a Natural-born Aristocrat who lives in the domed city of Evanescence. 

Yesterday, Ellani's problems consisted of trying to fit in among the Custom (genetically engineered) Aristocrats, catching the eye of her high school crush, trying to become a Designer instead of the Programmer she was born to be, and convincing her father to let her do what all the other kids are doing. 

Today, Ella woke up and found that she'd been in a terrible accident.  Her father died in that accident and both of Ella’s legs have been amputated.  Her guardian, Katrina, will not pay for the surgery Ella needs to restore her legs, places Ella under house-arrest -- lest she shame the family -- and just might be trying to kill Ella for her late father's fortune.

At the urging of her android companion, Meems, Ella begins playing Nexis -- a virtual reality game that her father created.  In the game, Ella has the use of both of her legs and is able to experience many worlds and people.  She befriends a senior gamer named, Guster, who recruits her as a member of The Tricksters, a group on a quest to infiltrate the Anansi Chamber in the Central Dominion.

Despite the troubles The Tricksters encounter throughout their journey, Nexis becomes a haven where Ella learns the true worth of life and natural beauty.  Through her joint experiences in Nexis and in captivity, Ella finds love, friendship, and a reason to live; however, she’s now able to see the faults in her own society and she begins to use her talent as a Programmer to stand up for what she believes in. 

The lines between real and virtual life begin to blur for Ella and in the end...

Well, I guess you'll have to read that for yourselves!  :D

Until then, check out Nexis Pinterest love and Anansi Chamber music.

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