Friday, May 13, 2022

Songs of the Deep Cover Reveal


Behold!  A forthcoming anthology that I am part of!  


Once long ago, women were believed to be bad luck if on ships. A belief that led to their demise at the hands of men.

Once thrown over, they drowned or, in some cases, saved by the God of the Sea. Granted a new life under the waves, these women could seek revenge and second chances. As times changed, any who found death under the waves could find themselves turned to life as a mermaid - or merman.   That is where Songs of the Deep begins. With death, magic, and revenge.  

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Genre: PNR and UF

Dive under the waves with 24 tales of mermaid magic.

Tides of Chaos by USA Today Bestselling Author D.C. Gomez

Tides of Time by USA Today Bestselling Author Lexi Ostrow 

A Rising Tide by USA Today Bestselling Author Nicole Zoltack

Weight of Water by USA Today Bestselling Author Elle Cross

Turning the Tide by USA Today Bestselling Heather Young-Nichols & USA Today Bestselling J.A. Hardt

Deep Sea Dream by USA Today Bestselling Author Thea Dane

Mermaid's Tail by Award-Winning Author Tami Lund

In too Deep by International Bestselling Author Nikki Prince

Ivory Cove by Jordan Elizabeth

Serena’s Song by Tiffany Shand

Cut the Line by A.L. Davroe

Siren Song by Melissa MacKinnon

A Dark Tail by Cara North

A Break in the Tide by Alessa Winters

Song of Storms by Casia Pickering

Kintsugi Unbroken by Marie Catherine

…And More!

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