Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Enduring the Snowpocalypse

It's snowing...again. I'm staying home from work...again. Anyone else seeing a pattern here? So while Connecticut continually gets dumped on and my world continues to slowly disappear under a perpetually rising blanket of white (that's my picnic table in the picture), I'm writing.

Yes. I've decided the Snowpocalypse is a blessing. Why? Well, normally I couldn't convince myself to take time off of work to write. I'm just too much of a reincarnated Puritan for that. However, I can convince myself to not drive in the snow. Call it self-love, call it a deep seated desire to prevent 5-mile-per-hour-in-zero-visibility-while-SUVs-are-speeding-by-at-80 tension migraines, but I hate driving in the snow. So, I'm staying home.

And staying home means writing. Perspective: The Snowpocalypse is moving into week three and I'm halfway through a novel. Granted, it's not the novel I should be working on. My agent made it clear that I should be working on an entirely different novel, not a sequel to the one I'm trying to get published.

I understand why she says this. We can widen the reader market with a book in a different genre, and what if (God forbid) Scar-Crossed doesn't sell? What the heck are we going to do with a sequel to a book that never got published?

BUT, I've had writer's block for the past three months, I haven't liked anything I did manage to write, and I'm completely at a loss for what to do with the other books I am working on. Right about now, I'm just happy to be getting something down on paper and actually feeling good about it.

Plus, all is not lost. I'm still halfway through The Death of One...and Tamrin...and As Above, So Below. And I'm actually done with The Will of the Fallen (even though it's a cliffhanger). Disclaimer: It wouldn't have to be a cliffhanger if people would just accept the fact that sometimes the bad guy wins. And I have plenty more ideas.

Once I get this sequel to Scar-Crossed out on paper (which at this rate, will be soon) I can put it down and work on something else without being haunted by it. Until then, I'm embracing my blessings in every manner possible. That includes the Snowpocalypse making an appearance in the book itself. No one can say I don't count my blessings. :) Plus, you have to write what you know...and right about now, I know snow.

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