Thursday, January 27, 2011

Arisia Goodness and the End of An Era

Oh boy, I fell behind this month. *Slaps Wrist*

I had every intention of coming back after going to Arisia 2011 and writing a separate post for every panel I went to. I always thought that was a good idea and maybe I'll actually do it, but today I only have a quick update. Firstly, Arisia was awesome! As it usually is.

Kelley Armstrong was a guest of honor, which made me incredibly happy because she writes in both my genres :) and someone needs to represent! She seems like a very nice lady and I should probably get around to reading one of her day.

I've also made a mental note to eventually invest in and read Gail Z. Martin's books on how to promote yourself. I'm going to need that.

I went to a couple of panels to help me with my steampunk rut...This included a seminar on how steam engines work and where to find then now. An Alchemy 101 workshop, And a steampunk costuming panel. I can't say they did much for my ability to get back into my steampunk novel, but I found them interesting and fun. And now I want to go out and blow a thousand dollars on costumes. Design on a dime for costumers anyone?

On a note that might make you forgive me for being completely unable to complete the steampunk novel -- (cue drum roll...) I was incredibly inspired by the heroine development panels I went to and am now quite happily steaming through another version of the sequel to Scar-Crossed. See, that's steampunk. Steaming through it. A spiffier version of what's already happened. No? Okay, never mind.

Anyway. Yes, yes, I've said this before, but I REALLY feel it with this one. I know where I'm going and how I want things to progress. Lacey actually has a point to existing now! This required taking huge steps back and circling the problem a number of times until I figured out what the problem was. I have a feeling this might happen with every novel I write that's not part of some bigger I guess I'll have to get used to it? *sigh* Now, if only I could find the time to finish it right this minute so I can die happy!

Writer's group meets tomorrow, so I'll see what my crit-partner thinks of my thoughts. (On a not me note, her story sounds absolutely fascinating and I hope she finishes soon so I can read it!)

Oh also, I'm reading Peter V. Brett's The Warded Man and Laurell K. Hamilton's The Laughing Corpse. I just finished another Carpathian novel, don't hate, they're an utter indulgence.

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