Monday, June 27, 2011


So, now I'm officially going to be published.  I just signed the contracts for not one, but two, of my short stories.  One's a Steampunk and the other is an Urban Fantasy. 

From what I understand (through the unofficial grapevine), the urban fantasy is going to be released in an anthology that will be coming out around Halloween.  A number of fancy pants authors who will also be in that anthology.  The Steampunk was originally going to be part of an anthology but upon realization that I am working on a number of shorts based in that same Steampunk world, it's going to be the first story in a collection of serialized E-Shorts.  When I have enough shorts, I think it will be published in a bound collection.  Best part about this one?  It's the same world that my novel is based in, so if I get a readership for my shorts the novel might sell more easily.

Other coolness?  The lovely Stella Price is going to design the covers.

PLUS: I'm going to RWA this week and hopefully meeting with my agent.  Can't wait!  Also meeting some other authors and editors. betas are supposed to be done reading this week, so hopefully Scar-Crossed will be back in agent's hands this weekend.

AND: As you can probably see, this blog is now an official webpage.  I did THAT this past weekend.  And I got awesome business cards.

These are small steps, yes, but very exciting for me.

Who's the Queen of France?  *Points to self.*

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