Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Next Step

So, I met up with my agent at RWA on Tuesday and I think I'm going back into the city on Thursday to see her again.

We're both chomping at the bit to get Scar-Crossed out, so as long as she likes these new edits (which I'm sending tonight -- with or without my beta feedback) then we can move on to the next step.  I'm not 100% sure what the next step is (we're talking about that on Thursday).  I know we're pitching editors, but I don't know what kind of preparation I'm going to have to do for that.

So, what we're talking about on Thursday is the future of Scar-Crossed, my career as a whole, and we're going to decide on what the most beneficial project would be for me to work on next.  As you know, I've been working on The Great White Light, which is my Steampunk.  However, Distopians and Steampunks are not selling all that well right now cause the market just got flooded with them, so perhaps something else.  We could pitch The Great White Light as a fantasy because it's set in an alternative world, but that requires me finishing it. >.<  

She asked about my urban fantasy and I was like, "It's so not something you'd like."  And I was right.  I went back and looked at Will of the Fallen yesterday, just to make sure I was telling the truth...yeah, my own writing as changed so much that I can't even deal with looking at it anymore.  I suppose I'm going to have to re-write it. *sigh*  Which means that's not going to be something we work on for a while. *sigh again*  Sorry Lilith.

I've got plenty of other projects that I hope she'll be enthusiastic about, so I'm not too worried.  I just want Scar-Crossed to sell so I can actually take some time off of work to finish something else.

Fingers Crossed for Scar-Crossed!

In other news, I met some really great new people, got to hang out with Stella, and did the grunt work for my shorts this week.  The Alchemist's Perfect Instrument has been fluffed up and I've compiled a crud-load of images for Stella to use on the cover.  I should be getting at least one more beta feedback tonight, so I'm going to be editing after I go out and have human social time with my buds.

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  1. Very exciting news! I'm so happy for you and super proud of all the hard work you've put into Scar-Crossed. You go girl! ;)