Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Change of Pace

In an effort to be better at posting on my blog, I'm going to start scheduled postings.  Everyday, Monday-Friday, I'm going to -attempt- to post a little something for all of you.  The schedule is as follows:

Monday Muse:  These will be little posts, mostly links to things that I love in general.  This will be music, pictures, comics, etc.

Toolbox Tuesday:  These will be posts about what belongs in a writer's "toolbox."  Those interested in craft will want to read these.

Write Well Wednesday:  This is basically "word of the day" mixed with the rare guest author blogger and interview.

Thoughtful Thursday: These will be like my regular posts -- me talking about the industry or something wonderful I've read.  Those interested in craft will want to read these.

Finally Friday:  These will be updates about my writing and my pieces.  These days might get skipped on weeks where I am attending workshops or conventions.

This will begin next Monday October 10, 2011.

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