Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday: Kick Butt Girls Who We Love to Hate

Today is an open discussion day!  Disclaimer: This is not about a particular genre as a whole or about a particular piece.

Does anyone else find it odd that in real life, we don't actually make friends with the women who would -- given an invasion of demons and zombies -- strap into her Cat Woman leathers, don her stiletto thigh-highs, and go kick a vampire's butt (all without breaking a nail)?  Other than being pretty darn scary (and a manifestation of the generic-male's wet-dream); these women tend to be pretty unreasonable and their frontal lobe may not have developed correctly?  Maybe too many round-house kicks to the head? *shrugs*  They also tend to be promiscuous and emotionally unavailable.  Basically they are Doms...

Now, the general consensus is that these women don't represent "real" women, which I agree with.  Most women aren't like this.  So, why there is a disproportional amount of leopard print wearing, butt kicking demon hunters who nobody would go near with a ten foot pole in real life is beyond me.  I have actually have met a couple of these scary women in real life, so they do exist.  But why do they get the book face time?  So far, my experience both in real life and in the books is that they are difficult to work with, hot tempered, self-involved, and tend to make every man drool over them and thus every woman around them hate them.

Now, if you're a pleasant one of these types, I'd be pleased to meet you.  PLEASE, prove me wrong!  I'm also open to literary suggestions, of course. :)

Personally, I like funny, caring people who don't hold me at arm's length.  I don't want to make friends or date someone like the females I'm reading in some of these books...and honestly, I don't get why any character in the book does either.  So why are these books selling?   Why do we like reading about frigid women who make us want to shake them?  Is it just interest in the unknown?  Vicarious curiosity?  Do we feel that we need to love them because they are often damaged?  Or is it something deeper...Something deeply wrong about our human psyche that makes us morbidly drawn to the abusive evils in life? 

Just wondering...

What do you think?  If you like reading about these women, please tell me why cause I'm genuinely curious about what makes them appeal to you. :)

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