Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ten Reasons Why This Week Is Both Wonderful and Terrifying.

1-PRO I finished my Cyberpunk, The Anansi Inheritance. It's a YA and it's actually about something that's getting hot! Get excited it might actually sell!

SIDENOTE: Now I'm working on Tamrin, a YA pararom set in the same world as Scar-Crossed (which is STILL on submission with publishers, BTW). If Scar-Crossed doesn't sell, I'm going to try to get Tamrin to sell and then maybe have Scar-Crossed be the next in the series. The wheels are turning, feel the burn.

2-CON The Anansi Inheritance is with the betas as we speak. This is where the terror comes in. My agent just got back from South Africa. I'm due to send her this MS next week. The industry moves lightning quick. What's hot today is old news tomorrow. I'm afraid that the betas (or my agent) will give me so many edits that I miss the band wagon. *prays that this is not the case*

3-PRO I put progress bars on my WIP page. (You should go see, they're purdy)

4-PRO Now that I can actually see my progress, I'm not so disappointed in myself as a writer. Yes, I write a lot at once and it never feels like I make any progress, but I have ADD...And it's not like stuff is not getting written. Plus, I have two jobs, two cats, a happy marriage, a passable social life, and I haven't killed my plants or gone insane yet. Yay! Not too shabby.

5-PRO I'm going to Lunacon this weekend.

6-PRO/CON I'm on panels at Lunacon. Yeah, I really need to do these to promote myself, but I'm terrified of public speaking :/

7-PRO They are fun panels...Two YA, one pararom, a heroes to villains, and a future of suburban lit panel.

8-CON I'm moderating two of said panels. It's my first time doing this. See #6. Look at #6 again.

9-PROPROPRO HOLY CRAPS I'M ON TWO PANELS WITH TAMORA PIERCE! *faints* *fans self* So, in case you missed something, Tamora is officially the reason I started writing when I was in high school. In my world, meeting her is like meeting J.K. Rowling.

10-CON I have to be professional and can't do a geek-out dance in front of Tamora Pierce.

P.S. BUT since I'm a professional now...Maybe we can be friends? EEPS!

So, I need to have a flawless MS that knocks my agent's socks off and sell it ASAP. I need to be a panelist and a moderator. AND I need to not make a fool of myself in front of my literary hero. Can she do it?

Wish me luck everyone!


  1. Best of luck! Is Anansi drawing on the same source material as Anansi Boys?

    1. Matt,
      Sort of. The name is drawn from the Anansi the Spider tales, but the story draws more on the trickster motif than the actual character of Anansi.

  2. Sounds like you have alot of fun projects going on! Best wishes to you at Lunacon and on your WIP. Very exciting.

  3. About public speaking, fear not! Those that you will be speaking to are already interested in the subject matter. And two, they will easily consider your words, words of wisdom because you are on the panel. And finally, its just a conversation about a subject you enjoy so have fun with it.

  4. You crazy, busy girl, you. So excited for you to get Anansi Inheritence out to publishers! Seriously, this is the one that starts it all for you :) You had me sold on the concept alone! And then, five minutes later, you have an incredible manuscript. (OK not 5 min...but I do bow to your machine-like're kind of like a really pretty printing press.) See you this afternoon!

  5. Aw, thanks Ally! It's awesome to have beta readers like you backing me the whole way. You'll be with me soon!