Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Pug-nacious Call to Arms!

Hi Everyone!
So, today's post is a call to arms!  As some of you know, I'm very active in the east-coast Steampunk movement, a previous (but no less spiritual) resident of Connecticut, and a voracious animal lover.  I've just learned that a fellow artist, Steampunker, and Connecticut resident needs a little bit of help with an issue with his family pet.  I'm just headlining this to see if any of you would like to help out. :D

Here's his SOS and if you'd like to help out, please click on the link to the original page down below.  Thanks so much!

"Hi My name is Joey Marsocci better known as Steampunk Artist Dr. Grymm of and I have a dillema on my hands that I could really use your help and support on. My dog Stitch who is better know to the world as the original "SteamPug" ( recently became very ill. Stitch is a rescue dog and besides being a mascot for my company, he is our household pet and the best friend of my 3 year old son, Jack. Honestly, our house is not a home without him.
Recently Stitch suffered a slipped disk in his back causing him horrible pain, and due to his nervous nature and chewing on his tale to help him cope, he is in desperate need of dental work to help with some horrible ulcers in his mouth and removal of his canine teeth.
Being that we are a small business and financial situations being the way they are these days, we are stuggling to come up with the money to get this work done on him and relieve his pain, so we are reaching out to the community for help. Realistically we need to get his dental work done with in the next two months and we have already spent several hundred dollars on him for treatment and medication. We know times are tight for all of us, but every little bit would help Stitch. We have set up some offer rewards for you in exchange for your assistance. I may be Grymm, but I'm not too proud to beg. Steampug needs your help!
Thank you.
Joey Marsocci & Allison Deblasio of Dr. Grymm Laboratorie"


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