Thursday, February 7, 2013


Hi everyone!

Just a quick update:  I finally got the A.L. Davroe short stories back up through Amazon Kindle.  AND I got a sexy new cover for Salvation Station.  Check it:

I'm excited for this cover because it actually reflects what the story is about.  Not like the old one (creepy mummy chick) which was the cover of the anthology that short was supposed to be in.  I got to pick out exactly what went on this cover and I purposely wanted it very dark and minimal.  And yes, that is Hershil, and yes there will be another story about his story.  I just need to finish the hundred million other projects I'm working on...

Anyway, they're up.  The only problem is...All my "likes" are gone!  So, over the next few features/giveaways can you make sure you go back in and re-like both "The Alchemist's Perfect Instrument" and "Salvation Station"?

Also, I have a special treat: I'm finally over the plot hump and making headway in The Krie Seekers (the next City Steam installment).  This one will be novella length and you can expect to see it very soon!

About ads:  As some of you may remember there was a little poll up on the sidebar a couple of days ago asking about what your opinion on ads was.  As you might have noticed, I get a fair amount of traffic to this blog and I put a lot of time into trying to give you guys fun giveaways.  I pay for some of the material given away myself (especially for the hops) and that adds up over time.  Because of that, I wanted to see if I could maybe make some of that money back by putting up ads.  According to the poll results (for those of you who participated), only one person was really against it and the rest of you either didn't care or wanted to see relevant ads.  My decision is this:  I WILL be putting up ads, however, I'll try and stick them someplace where they aren't really obnoxious or obvious (probably under everything on one sidebar).  I hope that's not enough for that one person who hates ads to abandon us, if so I'm sorry.  IF you see something interesting on the sidebar, go ahead and click it!  It's money for me to buy more books for you!  LOL


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