Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Super Important Question

Hello everyone!
I've just had a crazy idea and I'd like to know what you guys think.

What are your opinions on a Goodreads or facebook group meant to critique an author's work before it is published?  For example:  If I were to create a group where a select number of you (random genre-fan strangers) were provided with one of my novels, told to read it, and then asked to share your thoughts (good and bad) with the group.  My hope would be that the members could create a round-table sort of discussion that would (hopefully) aid in the author's editorial and creative process.

Would any of you join?
What kind of benefits and drawbacks do you think there would be?

Please leave comments to let me know?


  1. It is an interesting concept, I would join.
    The only problem I could see would be there be a person that wouldn't respect others opinions and would trash talk them.

    1. That is an issue; however, I think it's a fairly universal one on any kind of forum. I would hope that we could all be decent and respectful of each other's opinions, but if someone's being a jerk then the moderator (me) can give them a stern talking to.

  2. I think it sounds like it would be interesting. I would join but the only think would be people fighting or disrespecting others opinions. That's really my only concern but i like the idea :)

  3. It is fun. I have participated in a couple of these and the one I enjoyed most was well structured. There were specific questions the author wanted to address about the work and feedback she was looking for, as well as random discussion. The page was closed so there were no spoilers for the new fans / readers and it was easier to say things like where was Henry going when he fell down the mineshaft etc LOL If this is what you are looking for it can be a lot of fun. (Denise Zaky on FB)

  4. I would join. I think that as long as that issue didn't become unmanageable, everything would work out. Sounds like a great way to tighten things up before the big "send". Great networking too! :-D

  5. I would join, it would be fun and would give author constructive criticism as well as letting them know the potential for their book

  6. Oh, excellent! I'm glad some of you are interested so far. Now, the big question is WILL you join? Cause I'm totally going to do this. You guys get to read one of my YA novels (finally).

  7. I'd love to do this. As mentioned, I think the only hang up would be walking the line between criticism and trash talk. Other than that, I like this idea :)

  8. I would join too! It's a great ideia^^

  9. I agree with everyone.It is a great idea. Sounds like fun. I think if you choose people you will have a good group without the trash talk. You have a good idea of who is respectful when they speak, (or write). Keep that in mind when choosing and I don't see any problems. Sounds like a win/win - you get feedback before publishing/possibly reviews at the ready for when published and we get to read your book. ;-)