Wednesday, August 21, 2013

FOR YOUR HEART -- Sneaky Peek 3:

Sneaky Peek #3 from my upcoming novel, FOR YOUR HEART (Coming October 31, 2013)  Check out the description on Goodreads.  If you love it, mark it on your to-be-read list and tell your friends! 

            “You know, Lovely, you shouldn’t have run from me yesterday.”
            Freezing, I look up.  Green Man is sitting on the window sill, his long, raven-black hair outlining him like a death shroud.
            Instinct kicks in and I turn to flee, but he magically appears in front of me, his massive body blocking the door.  He flashes a dark smirk.  “There really is no need to run.” 
            I backpedal until my butt hits a sink.  Dread leaks to my toes, making my bones feel like linguini.  Good thing I already went to the bathroom because I’d be peeing my pants in terror right now.  Slapping my hands over my eyes, I start that age old manta, “You’re not real.  You’re not real.  You’re not real.”
            “Aren’t I?” He’s so close I feel his breath on my face, sense his body on the tips of the tiny hairs on my face.  “Shall I convince you I am real?”
            I peek between my fingers.  He’s there.  He’s lost his Ren Faire garb and is dressed in a school uniform – which is weird – and his handsome face is near enough that too deep a breath would bring his nose to mine.  I lean backward until I’m practically sitting in the sink.  I want to turn away, to run, but he has his hands planted on both sides of me. 
            What do I do?  How do I make him go away?  Am I psychotic?  Schizophrenic?  Should I even be talking to him?  Does humoring hallucinations make psychosis better or worse?  Maybe if I can figure out what he wants, he’ll go away?
            I struggle for my voice.  “W-what do you want?”
            He takes a step back, giving me room to breathe.  “Just to talk.”  He gestures toward my half tucked in shirt.  “Please continue with your business.”
            I ignore his prompt and back around the first sink.  “T-talk?  Y-you’re not going to hurt me?”
            He cocks his head and raises his hands.  “I don’t have any weapons.”
            Glancing at his big paws, I say, “You don’t need weapons.”
            He shoves his fingers into his pockets.  “I’m only here to talk.”  He circles me.  I try to spin to keep tabs on him, but he’s back on the sill before I see him move.  He’s quick.  Unnaturally so. With reflexes that fast, he certainly could’ve done anything he wanted to me already.
            “H-how do I know you won’t hurt me?”
            “You have my word.  I won’t hurt you.” He shrugs.  “For now.”
            I swallow the massive lump in my throat.  “For now?”
            He smirks.  “For now.”

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