Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Muse: Jimmy Skoog -- Pompeii by Bastille

Today I'm doing a little promo for a fellow artist!
Following the release of his February mixtape "Hometown Hero", Swedish rapper JaeWon is back with new music. This time he puts the pseudonyms aside and gets ready to release a load of new material this fall.

To start it off he brings us his own version of Bastille's smash hit "Pompeii".

Additional production: ALEX ISAAK ( )



Verse 1:
Can you hear me, I'm calling you //
it's getting hard to see the darkness through //
summer just left us with autumn blues //
and I'm having a hard time to follow through //

but when they photoshop and auto tune //
emotions off take out all the truth //
we go for that dream and chase that feeling // ('cause)
when we were kids that was all we knew // (HEY!)

always felt this adrenaline rush //
in my soul that's lead me to kicking up dust //
doctor prescribing medicine that //
he said would keep me from giving a fuck // (w'the fuck?)

just keep on living it up //
when they push you down, just turn everything up //
what, am I supposed to be giving this up? //
all the things that made me, you're kidding me, huh... // 
Verse 2: 
We don't care what they say //
when they say we're failures //
'cause it is up us now //
and only we can save us //

can't shake us, sh-shake us //
can't hold us down or contain us //
we just keep marching //
can't knock us down, they won't break us, SO //

this is it boys, this is war //
what the hell are we waiting for? //
misunderstood and misinformed //
we've been living our lives but can't take no more //
we will fight till they make us kings //
and make sure when they hear our names they cringe //
tear that roof till its caving in //
and we won't look back we're just taking wing... //

Jimmy Skoog

Instagram: @jimmyskoog

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