Monday, March 15, 2021

Monday Muse: Ayron Jones -- Take me Away

I am bringing back Monday Muse on a semi-routine basis.  I've been awful at posting for you lovely folx and I think you all deserve better than that!  I've been discovering all kinds of fun music this year and I should share it, right!?  Jury is still out on Feature Friday, but you'll probably be getting routine personal posts from me.

So, here's an amazing artist that I discovered this year.  Ayron Jones.  Holy Hannah, can we talk about this gent's voice, please?  Since my long silence I've been going back to my rock roots and getting REALLY into soulful blues.  Ayron hits all the right buttons for my music needs these days.  Listening to this song I can close my eyes and imagine myself sitting in a bar on Bourbon or Beale street.  Low lighting, heads nodding, guitars and signed posters mounted on the walls, sweaty beverage forgotten on the table...

Fully admit to *almost* publicly proposing to Ayron based on voice alone.  But, I was smart and looked him up first...He's married, so I wish him all the best of luck for a healthy happy relationship and family instead!  XD

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