Wednesday, March 17, 2021



This was a long time coming but certainly needed to be done as I have people asking me all the time about whether I'm in audiobook.  I'm a huge fan of audiobooks myself, so I definitely felt I was missing a section of my readership without one and it killed me that my contract for the Tricksters series makes if difficult to get them into audiobook.  For the time being, my self-published work is what I'll be focusing on for audiobook.

That said, I chose ROYAL REVOLUTION (Tales of Turin) -- my latest release -- to be the first of my audiobooks.  It's novelette length, so it's an easy sampler for both my work as well as something that's not a hard dedication for listeners.  The fabulous Joshua Macrae is the narrator and I'm probably going to keep him on for at least the rest of the Tales of Turin.  Once I'm done with the Tales of Turin releases I think I'll circle back to the City Steam world and maybe get a few of those into audiobook as well.

So, if you wanna try one of my books on audio, here you go, enjoy!!!

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