Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Revision on Elm Street

Holy Mulligans. Talk about being bitten by the Muse. It's like Revision on Elm Street over here. Except it's A.L. hyped with caffeine on Fairfield Way. Regardless. There's more chopping, copulating, and secret plots than I can shake a stick at. Or rather, a dull machete. And there's blood. Yes, blood. Hooray for vampire-like religious fanatics! Or rather - Converts into a vampire-like religious cult! Hooray for In This Moment's album, The Dream, this is the tenth time listening to it today, compliments of a YouTube playlist.

Anyway, my tea rings are reminding me of The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and I've got way too much to talk about. Mainly, I've given up on the whole squished book thing. It's stifling my creativity. I feel like As Above, So Below is holding me back from publishing That Which Lies in Darkness. And honestly. I'm apathetic to what agents and publishers want right now. What about what I want? I want my not-so-stand-alone That Which Lies in Darkness to get published. Cause it's awesome. Anyway, most of the readership think that it could be a stand-alone anyway. So, the Siamese twin, The Will of Night Rain, is out (It was a bad name anyway) and The Will of the Fallen Trilogy is back in with book one being the promising New York Times Bestseller: That Which Lies in Darkness.

Obviously I've been going back and polishing That Which Lies in Darkness and publicly avoiding As Above, So Below like it's the ugly, bastard, black sheep step-child. I'm probably going to end up re-writing most of it after That Which Lies in Darkness gets published.

Other than that, it's hot and muggy and Twitter is lying about my followers. Hope you have a sparkling day Ladies and Gentlemen, 'cause That Which Lies in Darkness is about to descend (or ascend) upon you all! (hey that's a catchy hook...)

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