Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shop Talk

Yeah, so I'm still waiting for my lovely final editors to send me my corrections. I'm a total of seven chapters edited! Get excited! No really, I mean it. I'm getting really good feedback from my final editors. Both good and bad, the combination of which doesn't leave me in a writhing mess on the floor. I'm actually liking the slower pace. I'm not feeling overwhelmed and my creativity was gone through the roof.

Want proof? Last week I wrote over a hundred pages in the Blood Heritage series. Good stuff, dark stuff, the kind of stuff I was talking about writing. The kind of stuff that won't need me to go in and do intensive surgery later on. Famous last words?

I've also been buying stuff. It has to happen sometime.

Bottom line is: The mechanic that I went to a couple months ago told me I needed to get Y replaced on my car and it would cost X. After saving X amount of money up to fix Y, I took my car to a different mechanic. The new mechanic can't find anything wrong with Y, but there is something wrong with the muffler. I have a lifetime warranty on the muffler (thank Monroe for that). And my once six hundred-something job came down to less than three.

The bottom line is that Moore's lies to their customers and Monroe is awesome!

So, I got some extra money. I bought new shoes. Steel toed workin' girl oxfords that will protect my toes from falling archive boxes and collapsible bagel walls. I heart Doc Martens. I also purchased Sherilynn Kenyon's audio-book version of Acheron on clearance. I'm excited to have it on my iPod at work and in the car. I also got a new helmet for riding the Harley. I went for my first ride yesterday and my butt officially hurts.

And my car is fixed...with enough left over for a new windshield. I'm very happy today, can you tell?

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