Monday, January 3, 2011

Crossing Over

No I'm not dying. I'm actually quite alive. What no one else knows is that The Hill Dweller Series is written to mesh perfectly with the mythos of The Will of the Fallen Series. Actually, it was more like I wrote Will of the Fallen, turned around and realized I could write quite a few series around the different supernatural groups that I had created. the Hill Dweller series was born right after that.

What I mean by crossing over is that I'm going to draw characters from one series and use them in another. Kind of like a guest appearance that gets readers interested in the characters from my other series -- thus making them go out and buy it. We can thank Sherrilyn Kenyon for that little bit of inspiration. Originally, I was going to keep characters from other supernatural groups out of the picture, but then I realized it would be so much cooler with them in there and it might help me get out of this moat-sized rut I've managed to run around myself.

So get excited! In the next installment of the Hill Dwellers, Lacey's going to learn what the Hill Dwellers really are, what they really do, and where she really comes from. Don't you just love family reunions?

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