Monday, May 30, 2011

The Long and Short of It.

1.  I've decided I enjoy Eliza Rickman.  I think you should enjoy Eliza Rickman as well. Go help Eliza be more awesome than she already is.
2.  If I have to contribute anything else to the Archive's new Wiki, I'm going to be ill.  Luckily, I think I'm done.
3.  If I have the train one more new employee at Panera I'm going to go all homicidal barista on the sandwich line.
4.  I still love Odd Thomas.  But if he doesn't get over Stormy Llewellyn soon, I'm going to leave him for Alex Pettyfer.
5.  Short stories are the bane of my existence.  Well, at least short stories that aren't all romanced up.  For once, I'd like to write something without a little romance.  I'd also like to write something that's short. 
6.  It's raining again.  I don't have a problem with it because rain inevitably brings mist and we all know I love mist.  I've decided that in 5 years, Connecticut will have completely reverted back to swamp land.  Thus, I must brush up on my banjo playing.
7.  I went hiking/picnicing yesterday and I still feel like I've got creepy crawlies all over me.  I am also sunburned, but it's not bad, it doesn't hurt, and I'll have a bit of a tan in two days, so score.
8.  I revised Salvation Station and I might be done with The Krie Seekers this afternoon, but I have no clue what to do with either.  Ah genre defying literature, what shall I do with you?  More importantly, what will the rest of the world do with you?  Go forth and challenge!
9.  I still haven't gotten my MS back from my agent (basically that means, no I'm not published yet and yes I'm still having a problem with patience).
10.  The next novel in The Black Dagger Brotherhood is sitting next to me.  The next Odd Thomas book is on my iPod.  And I have half the day off, but I'm working.  Give me a cookie people!
11.  I have over three hundred followers on Twitter.  I have a fan page on  Facebook.  I am researching possible web hosts for my website.  Now if only I had a reason to be famous!
12.  I just got a travel rewards credit card!  I expect it will come in handy when I'm on tour, ya know when that famous thing happens.
13.  I still have cuddly kitties with razor sharp claws; a husband that understands my literary crushes; my one and only most wonderful parent (which truly is a blessing); my fickle health (I think I'm a hypochondriac);  my jobs that make me both sick and homicidal; and predictably unreliable friends (is it strange that I've come to just accept that?). 

That's life!

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