Sunday, May 8, 2011

Life Lessons.

Based on recent occurrences over the past few week I've make a list of some things I wish I had learned earlier on in life.

 1.  Be careful about who you show your self-critical side to.  Not everyone understands self-deprecating humor and often confuse low self esteem with a statement meant to reassure yourself that no one is perfect.  (Did it ever occur to anyone that people use self-deprecating humor to keep themselves from looking pompous and self-involved?)

2.  Admit when you're wrong, never say that you're right.  Apparently, no one cares that THEY are wrong, only that you are.

3.  Being passive aggressive to the point of mule-headed stubbornness is not productive.  (Although, we can argue that it's damn satisfying.)

4.  You can't communicate concerns without someone thinking you're asking for help.  Wave the white flag, sister, no one is ever going to understand that you just like to think out loud.

5.  You should take your time, but have it done yesterday.  Therefore, we must invest in wormhole technology.

6.  Learn how to be as concise as possible, but don't use uncommon words.  It dictionaries scare the little people.

7.  It's possible to be smarter than someone with a PhD.

8.  Word Count is the bane of my existence.

9.  Wit is a sign of intelligence, but only the witty seem to realize that.

10.  I'm freaking weird, no one understands me, and I like it that way. (See? I love myself, get over it. -see item #1-)

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