Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ODD Complex

This week I read Odd Thomas and Forever Odd by Dean Koontz.

Yes, I love Odd Thomas.  In case you don't know who Odd Thomas is, he's a guy who sees dead people and solves crime.  What's not to love?

First of all, he was created by Dean Koontz.  (Who I may or may not have an author crush on.  I'll admit nothing to you!)  Second of all, he hangs out with Elvis (the dead one).  Third of all, as of book two he's still single.  (Although, I do truly hope he gets over Stormy cause if he doesn't he's just going to start getting pathetic and intolerable.)  Finally, he's simple.  (So simple it's cute and wonderful.  Sort of reminds me of my husband *grins*.)

And yes, I have a crush on a fictional character.  And yes I'm married.  And it's all good because it's not really a true crush.  I just have some emotional stock in what happens to the Odd One.  (I'll just keep telling myself that.)  I find that at least three points less creepy than having a crush on an anime character.  (Because at least he was created with real human features in mind.)

Also, Mr Dean Koontz?  Congratulations, you've officially created the most annoying villain I've ever read.  Datura was so horrible that I very nearly gave up reading the book.  (I'm glad I didn't cause she gets mauled by a mountain lion.)  You have mastery over what rankles the human mind.

In other news:  I'm working on the steampunk novel, investigating the benefits of writing erotica, and going to the Steampunk World's Fair this weekend.  TA!

Special thanks to the parenthesis.

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