Friday, November 4, 2011

Finally Friday: Faeriecon

Today I'm off to spend the weekend with a friend and attend Faeriecon!  I'm not a panelist at this convention (maybe one day), this is just for fun.  Some of my favorite writers (Charles de Lint and Melissa Marr + more) and artists (Amy Brown, Brian and Wendy Froud, Renae Taylor + more) are going to be there, so I look forward to seeing them.  There's also going to be a Bad Faerie Ball and a Good Faerie Ball where some excellent bands (Qntal and Delhi 2 Dublin + more) will be playing.  In addition to all of this, Faeriecon has one of the best vendor collections I've seen at a con.  If you are a faerie enthusiast, this is the next best event since Faerieworlds!

If you're in the Baltimore area, I encourage you to attend!

So excited to put on my ears and get my Fae on! 

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