Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday: Fie on These Days!

Warning: I'm having one of those days. 

This isn't your normal installment of Thoughtful Thursday.

Just letting you know. :)

Alas, I am without thought today.  Well, that's not exactly true.  I have plenty of thoughts, just not a drop of anything worth sticking in today's blog.  I wasted this weeks nuggets of wisdom on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We blonds only get so many a month, LOL.

I'm having one of those days...Which I guess can be the topic of today's blog. 

Today is one of those high anxiety, bite my nails, obsessively check to see if my agent has emailed me days.  I get them every-so-often...Probably, more often than is healthy considering I give myself vertebral subluxation when I get too anxious.

Anyway, we're on round two of pitches for Scar-Crossed and the remainder of my dream houses are on the list.  So, I pretty much have to get accepted by someone in this round or I will die.  *swoons*  Seriously though, this process is turning out to be far more frustrating than I bargained for.  I was expecting most editors to hate it and the few who liked it to offer it a home.  Simple logic, right?  You like it, you buy it.  End of story. Nope. 

Seems I'm one of those cases were editors really like it, but they just can't take it because the market is too flooded or they already represent something similar and can't risk competing with their own list. So, basically my book is awesome and there's nothing anybody can do about it or for it.  So, it's just kind of sitting over here looking pitiful and longing.  It's so much worse knowing you have a piece of gold and there are those who would buy your gold, but it's worth nothing in an inflated market.

I do have hope for it though. My agent and I both feel that some editor somewhere will be feeling particularly risky on the day they read it....Or have the stuffing beaten out of them by the majesty of my Muse

*cackles manically* *chokes* *coughs* *clears throat*

(Sorry guys, I'm really tired). 

Where was I?  Oh, yeah...  So, this Editor of Epic Wonderment and Bliss will extend his or her hand and welcome us into the fold of publication.

*Dream bubble pops*

Until then, I wait and have strings of days like this: Where I feel like a thirsty woman at the bottom of a very deep, dark abyss making noise and flailing, seeking any sign of life above.

Yes, I'm being dramatic.

Any moment I'm expecting news.  Sometimes, I tell myself that I wouldn't care if it were good or bad news -- as long as I just got some news. 

Seems like backwards thinking, I know, but I liken this piece of the process to giving labor. 

I just want the d*** thing out already!

*End Rant*  You normal programming will resume tomorrow.


  1. Timing is everything.
    Such a cliche but so true. And I have faith that there IS a perfect time for your book and it WILL get picked up.
    Heck, if not now, at least it will not be drowned in the flooded market. And later, it will shine that much brighter.
    But that's not much consolation so I'll promise to bake you pie next time we hang out. (hugs*

  2. The promise of your pie almost makes me happy enough to forget I'm even on submission.