Thursday, April 5, 2012

Multiple Alternate Realities Convention

Come crazy o'clock tomorrow morning, I shall be boarding a plane to Ohio to attend MARCON (Multiple Alternate Realities Convention).  Before you get a confused face, yes, I do belong as a guest author at this convention.  Why?  Let's see...I write alternate world steampunk.  in Scar-Crossed, my YA paranormals create and move through portals into other realms.  My YA cyberpunk, The Anansi Inheritance, deals with a virtual reality RPG.  My urban fantasy series, The Will of the Fallen, deals with a parallel world where the biblical occurrences took a very different turn.  I'm also an author...So 75% of my daily existence takes place in a fantasy world. :D

I'm attending with two of my author friends, Stella Price and PJ Schnyder.  This should be interesting, seeing as I've never been to this con or any con like it.  It's also happening over Easter!  I didn't even look to see when this con was happening when I signed up for it and purchased my plane ticket.  I just kind of figured no one would plan a con over a holiday weekend.  Oops.  My poor mom!  I felt so horrible calling her up and telling her I wasn't coming for Easter dinner!

Anyway, I'm going to be on four panels: Costuming the Victorian Aesthetic, Paranormal Romance, Steampunk Lives in Literature, and Good Villains.  Considering two of the panels are late tomorrow night, it might be interesting to see just how multiple alternate realitied my brain is at that point. o.O  No joke, I get super loopy when I'm overtired and consequently hopped up on caffeine.  It's actually pretty funny...

Despite that, this con is definitely a break from last weekend's (I-Con), where I was flying solo and on nine panels.  Let's just say that sending a girl with anxiety and road-rage issues to Long Island on her own is a bad idea.  I got through it okay...So did the other drivers.  I'm learning to be Zen.  *Pats self on back*

I shall be back next week with Monday Muse and the Autism Awareness Giveaway/Hop.  Starting the week after that, I'll have a couple of non-con weeks, so there will be some more in-depth, writing related posts.  Look forward to some fun Feature Friday Authors as well!



  1. Best wishes for lots of fun at the conference!

  2. I'm actually gonna be there Saturday, see ya there :)

  3. It was wonderful meeting you yesterday! I look forward to seeing you at AAD in August. I've followed your blog as well!

  4. The convention sounds neat!
    I've tagged you in a Lucky 7 meme post here -
    Have a great week!

    1. Hi no! Jenna, I totally just did a Lucky Seven like a week or two ago and haven't written anything in the WIP since. :( Mayhaps I shall just direct you to the post I did then?