Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Muse for Thought

This is actually kind of a serious muse post. I was a little leery about even posting this video, but I want to know what other people's thoughts are. I'll be candid about my own thoughts:

When I first heard this song, it was on a friend's I-Pod. I told him, "I love this song," cause I admittedly do. He told me that I should watch the video, that I would be like, "What? What's going on?" But that it was still a cool video.

So, I watched it.

The beginning got me a little freaked out because the thing that makes me most uncomfortable are people who abuse children. I was biting my nails and hoping this guy wasn't a creeper. But he was. What surprised me was this little girl's ability to fight back. I was like, "You go, girl!" I loved the idea of a child being given the ability to fight back and I'm obviously a huge advocate of the paranormal, so I liked her being able to have special skills that kept her safe.

As I watched, I grew more aware of the sheer violence this child wielded. Her eyes were black, as if the power controlled her or she, herself, was evil. That, and the demon...Which has it's own set of uncomfortable symbolic implications. Despite that, part of me was thinking of a dark guardian angel. That is until the end...When it's implied that she ruthlessly kills him. Even though the violence in this child frightens me and I don't think any child should be exposed to or use that kind of violence, part of me is like, "Good."

Because don't I always think that people who abuse others should be put out of their own and everyone else's misery? There's a reason why prisoners who are convicted of abusing the helpless and innocent are considered the lowest of the low, even by other inmates. There's a reason why they suffer a terrible role reversal when the bars are locked. I'm not saying it's the right thing, I'm just saying that I see the logic driving the system.

At the very end, the little girl is marking off her tally. She, or the demon, has done this before. Someone's a vigilante. What I'm wondering: "Is the little girl a slave to the demon or is the demon helping her protect herself and others like her from predators like this man? Does she welcome this violence or does it consume her? Is she just a result of her surroundings, the prey become predator?"

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