Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The root of all evil.

I went to the chiropractor yesterday in the hopes that I could get an adjustment that I really should have received on Sunday when I had the migraine. Anyway, she goes to adjust me and slides right off my back...even with a half hour of stim. Gotta love those tight muscles. So, she does some more poking around and decides that the root of all my evils, including (most likely) my migraines, is severe muscle tension (A.K.A. boulders) and I need massage therapy <3.

I have to tell you, and this is only mildly funny, that I completely forgot you have to take your clothes off when you get a massage. That's only truly funny when you realize that actually I spent a considerable amount of time this morning trying to figure out what I should wear to my massage. That and I took a shower. Who takes a shower when they are going to have smelly oil smeared all over them in an hour? Me. And I went to work after it.

I've gotten my adjustment and I've gotten my massage and I'm feeling pretty good. The trick is to keep myself from stressing out again! Ha! So I'm rearranging my desk at work and I'm contemplating laying off the sexual tension in my writing for a while. I hope that helps. I'm going to be working on revisions of Book 2 tonight and probably hating it all over again.

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