Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fifty Page Dash Readership Questionnaire!

I'm a genius. Well, maybe more of a mad English major gone political scientist... Anyway, I figured out a way to stop sacrificing my fingernails to the incisor gods! Now that I'm done with the book, I'm bored out of my skull. Now that I'm done with the book, I'm antsy as all heck and anxiously breathing down the necks of my readership. Because of these terrible plagues on the House of Davroe, I've created a monster! mwahaha...*cough, cough*

In all honesty, the first fifty pages have to be the super sparkly-ooo shiny aspect of any book. They are what makes or breaks a readership and what keeps the agent or publisher reading further. In one of my novel writing books some genius person coined the phenomenon "The Fifty Page Dash". I don't remember that person's name, but it's not my material. So, with this in mind I developed my Fifty Page Dash Readership Questionnaire. This will allow me to delve a little deeper into the frightening minds of my readers and see what they really think of those first fifty pages. Plus, if they actually respond, it will give me something to do while I'm waiting...*sigh*

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