Monday, April 6, 2009

They're out to get me.

You ever have one of those days, or weeks, or months...maybe even years where you feel like everything is out to get you and you just can't get ahead? Sometimes I'm convinced it's genetic. Of course my issues are not anywhere near as horrible as many other people's. I'm just complaining about my health. My sinus infection and bronchitis were just starting to clear up (my ears are still feeling kind of funny) and wouldn't you know I got a migraine yesterday.

Migraines are strange things, different for everybody. In my case I get the warning blurry vision about 30 minutes before the detached limbs. Then comes the dizziness, the pins and needles and the numbness. All of this is enough to distort me so badly that I feel like I've overdosed on some sort of drug. Then I get violently sick to my stomach (that's really fun with bronchitis, let me tell you)...

The headache comes last. And that feels like...ever driven an ice pick into your ear, your temple, and the spot between your skull and your last cervical vertebrae? All at the same time? Something like that, but there is pressure on the other side knives being driven in both directions at once.

I'm dreading the day one of these babies hits me when I'm driving. A lot of fun I'll have trying to explain to the officer why I'm stumbling around on the side of the road when I can't see strait or even talk because my mouth has gone so numb. The best part about these migraines is that you can't take anything to make them go away because you just keep throwing it up, so it's just hours and hours of wishing a knife actually was being driven into your ear.

And then you wake up the next day and nothing seems any different than any other day, except maybe a little residual queasiness. At least in my case. I know some people who have them for days. They are the strangest things and you should count yourself lucky if you never get them.

In light of my umteenth experience with migraines, I've decided. People who get migraines are fascinating subjects for books. The next character I create is going to be someone who suffers chronic migraines. I think it would be an interesting concept, especially when you put them in a fantasy setting. Perhaps they will get expelled from their village for being possessed by demons or maybe they have visions during their migraines.

On another, happier note: I got some work done before the migraine! I managed to add all three of the hierarchies to LaTex! In case you were wondering, that's the program that makes my book all professional looking when I send it to you in PDF. Now I don't have to keep sending the hierarchies as additional attachments. I also got my first critique on Book 2. I knew that particular part needed some revamping, but I just don't know how to do it. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

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