Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Additions

Officially, there are two more readers. I'm excited about these two because 1. they are going to be great critics and 2. they're two of my very best friends and it's always fun to share with your friends.

I'm making headway on my proofing, I got a couple more chapters done yesterday. And...I got my first Fifty Page Dash Readership Questionnaire back! It was incredibly helpful and I give myself a big 'ol pat on the back for coming up with it. Big thanks to Reader #3 for taking care of it so soon and doing such a bang up job of thoroughly answering the questions.

Readers #1 and #2 are exempt from the Questionnaire because they actually printed out hard copies of the entire novel and gave them back with corrections and comments. I could still use feedback from Readers #4-#8 (if you have a Questionnaire and have not sent it back yet, you are among those numbers), so whenever you ladies and gentlemen finish your comments are greatly valued as well. Big hearts to all of your for your patience and willingness to help me out with this.

Hope you all have a peachy-keep afternoon, I'm going to get adjusted!


  1. madam, how am i to distinguish the number reader i am?
    S. Keller
    PS. I'm thinking about binding a copy for you. ^_^