Thursday, April 2, 2009


I really should be doing work, but of course I’m not.Instead I’m being anxious. The novel is in the 97th percentile of being done. There are a number of people with Book 1 in their possession and I can’t help but bite my nails with anticipation at what they will say. Those who have read Book 1 seem to have enjoyed it, yet I dread sending out Book 2. My mind races with questions and doubts.

I realize that I’m at that point where I’m over analyzing and second guessing far too much for my own good, but I can’t help it. I have the book.It’s done to the point where I am satisfied.I have the query letter. I have the agency of my dreams in my sights.I’m slowly building a readership.

All this stuff, it’s just making me want to champ down on the bit and drive it home. But I know I have to wait and be patient. Rule #1:Don’t jump the gun. If I’m satisfied, that’s not enough. I need feedback so that I can polish my novel until it glows. Then I can send it. If I go at it too soon, I’ll burn my bridges. But its hard having to wait!

With that in mind, if anyone in my trusted circle is a rapid reader, has half a brain in their head, and isn’t afraid to brave my bad temper in light of constructive criticism; please volunteer to read! I would like to start suggested revisions within the next week. I’d like to get the query out to the agents before CAPAU which is in one month.

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