Monday, April 13, 2009

Big Mistake

Okay, so I have to both confess and apologize for sending out a completely messed up copy of my book. I came to the untimely realization yesterday that my LaTex program didn't convert my copy of That Which Lies in Darkness properly. Because of this, Amaya's last name didn't translate correctly, neither did the italics or the apostrophes. So, anyone who is reading that messed up copy is probably like WTF!? I did spend a good chunk of yesterday fixing it and I did email the corrected copy back out to my readers. I'm sorry for the hassle guys.

On a more exciting note: since I realized that Book 1 translated badly, my conversion of Book 2, As Above, So Below, went much more smoothly. Now the entirety of The Will of Night Rain has been plugged into LaTex and converted. I still don't know what to do with that chapter about reader dislikes it and another likes it. I'll be learning a little more about what the second reader thinks of everything when I meet up with her next weekend.

Until then, I hope everyone else enjoys the new translation of That Which Lies in Darkness and asks for As Above, So Below soon!

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