Friday, April 17, 2009

Fat Head

I've officially received feedback from roughly half of my Readership. Five out of ten ain't too bad. So far I've gotten thumbs up from readers and some very flattering comments that are frankly, giving me a fat head and making me mooshy inside. I'm going to continue to diligently re-proof Book 1 and hopefully it will be re-proofed by the time Reader 1 gets back from Myrtle Beach. I'm going to meet up with her on Sunday and she's going to give me the smack down on Book 2. I genuinely love getting all this feedback from my readers! Every time I get a suggestion to make my book better it just makes me so much happier. I want so much for this book to not just get published, but be GOOD. With each new edit I feel more and more like it's just polishing my book, chapter by chapter. Thanks to the readers and thanks to caffeine!

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