Sunday, April 5, 2009


So, I've just spent a good chunk of the last 24 hours making a website for myself. I haven't gotten the domain name or the web host yet, but when I do I will have a website ready to go.

Needless to say I'm pretty darn proud of myself because I have like "0" tech knowledge. Granted, Lucas helped with with a lot of it and it was a pre-made template that I just tweeked to high heck. The bottom line is that I learned a lot about how html and css is set up and I probably wont get as lost the next time I have to make a website. The only additions that need to be made are pictures of myself. I can't have a site about me without any me pictures and of course the only recent pictures I have are from my wedding. So, I need to have some pictures taken I guess. I expect that within the next few weeks I should be getting the domain name and the web host; then you'll be able to visit my official site!

In other news, I've heard a little feedback from my lovable readers. No one is finished yet, but so far I'm getting good reviews. That makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! Thanks for all your support!

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